Maxwell Investments Group has concluded a trial for the bamboo processing facility expected to generate some income for indigenes in the Central region and it’s environs.

The project in partnership with its European partners will cater for about one hundred thousand tonnes of bamboo per day when in full operation.

Chief Executive of the Group, Dr. Maxwell Ampong, explained that as a young business, more support is needed from private sector and other government agencies.

“This is a young initiative we got support from our European partners and we’re looking for about one hundred tonnes of bamboo per day machinery that can take care of the whole country supply because bamboo is technically a weed all over the place and resource identification has really passed over the heads of many people as Africans”.

“The idea is to provide collection points all over our beloved country where people in the rural communities especially can bring few strands of bamboo to get something for breakfast or lunch and this is what excites us at MIG, the impact we can create within various micro-economies spread across the nation,” he disclosed.

The reason behind the setup of facility was to impact lives and provide income for rural folks across the country.

According to Dr. Ampong , there is a ready market for bamboo products in the European market, hence the need to get more raw materials for processing.

He therefore believes that there is the need for some support to make the project successful as it hopes to serve as a livelihood for many.

Dr. Ampong also hinted of plans to expand the facility in order for many to benefit and provide some economic support for more communities.

The Bamboo project is another move by Maxwell Investments Group to reduce poverty in rural areas, especially in Zongo & Inner-City communities


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