Farmers in the Volta Region who have lost their farmlands due to the Akosombo Dam spilling have been granted $40 million in support funding from the World Bank, per the directive of Agriculture Minister Bryan Acheampong.

According to the Minister, the funds will help restore the livelihood of farmers who are worst hit.

He disclosed this whole speaking at the launch of the Youth In Agric initiative under the job module of the Youth Employment Agency.

“To our friends, brothers, and family on the Volta and eastern stretch of the Akosombo Dam’s path, we have all witnessed the devastation as a result of the necessary action the VRA had to take to save the Akosombo Dam. As a result, several farmers have been affected and a lot of them have had their crops completely wiped out.”

“I have directed that due to this emergency, $40 million of the World Bank-funded Food Systems Resilience Programme be restructured to restore farmers whose farms have been wiped out due to the necessary action taken by the VRA to save us all.”


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