Man Capital LLP, a subsidiary of the Egyptian Mansour Group, has embarked on a groundbreaking investment agreement of US$120 million with Ghana’s Right to Dream football academy.

This partnership, which constitutes the largest corporate investment in the history of African football, aims to foster the growth of this academy dedicated to nurturing football talents.

The collaboration is set to have several remarkable impacts. Firstly, it will enable the Right to Dream Academy to expand its capacity for developing young talent, both male and female, in Ghana. Furthermore, it will facilitate the training of additional Ghanaian coaches, contributing to the development of football expertise within the nation.

The partnership also has a global focus, with plans to establish a new Right to Dream academy in West Cairo, Egypt, for young boys and girls. This move seeks to replicate the successful academies already operating in Ghana and Denmark. Additionally, the investment will support the creation of a new professional women’s team in Egypt.

The Right to Dream Academy, renowned for its innovative approach to football combined with education, has already produced 20 Ghanaian international players, including stars like Mohammed Kudus.

Tom Vernon, CEO of the Right to Dream Group, expressed his confidence in the partnership, emphasising its potential to set new standards for purpose-driven sports.

He stated, “This partnership helps Right to Dream move into the next stage of its global expansion, putting people and purpose at the centre of football. Our expansion into Egypt and Europe is further evidence that Ghana can export its football values and culture, not just its players.”

Mohamed Mansour, Chairman and Founder of Man Capital, shared his pride in supporting the academy’s efforts to bring about life-changing opportunities for young talents in Africa, Europe, and the Americas. He expressed, “We are committed to supporting communities across Africa through our foundations and other philanthropic activities.”

Under the terms of the partnership, Man Sports, a subsidiary of the Mansour Group, will gain a majority share in the Right to Dream Academy, while Tom Vernon will remain a significant shareholder. Mohamed Mansour is set to serve as the Chairman of the academy’s board, with his son, Loutfy Mansour, the CEO of Man Capital, joining the board as well.

The Mansour Group, known for its diverse operations spanning various sectors such as energy, automobiles, finance, and food, reported revenues exceeding $7.5 billion in 2018.

This historic investment underlines the commitment of both Man Capital and the Right to Dream Academy to empower young talent through football while promoting purpose-driven sports with a global perspective.


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