Just like fraudsters are hailed in our country without finding out or questioning their source of wealth, so are presenters hailed for spilling comments of indiscipline without truely critiquing the disciplinary background of their actions.

The state of presenters in Ghana has become questionable to the extent that even a lay man who is not a media person and barely knows anything about the field of presenting begins to ask questions about their conducts.

It has been observed in recent times that, presenters in Ghana present themselves to be Lords of voice who speak for people to hear because they have the space to do so without actually looking at the technical aspect of their shows as to the brand they represent and what ever brand they are having as guests.

I think that presenters should always be prompted that, it is not their job to harm anyone’s brand, intimidate guests to say things they don’t want to say and to stick to the agenda or objective of the show till the end without deviating.

In conclusion, its very cogent that presenters come to understand that they as a brand are intermediaries between their station(brand) and guests(another brand) hence should serve the good of both brands because, disrespecting another brand will intern endanger the brand they represent and they themselves as brands. They should also know that, they are not doing their guests a favor because what ever brand they represent needs content and these guests that they sometimes tend to disrespect are the content they provide for their brand. Presenters that would take these things seriously, would always see positive effects on their careers. Remember, its too dangerous to for your brand to disrespect people with followings.


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