The Meridian Presbyterian Hall in Tema was virtually set on fire by Selah 2022. No, not the type of fire that destroys. But the one that refines a man’s intentions, gives hope to the downtrodden, and purifies their heart and soul to align with a more divine purpose.

Harmonious Chorale and Bethel Revival Choir are arguably the Goliaths of the Ghanaian Choral Music industry in recent years. But a young David, the ARS Selah Choir has emerged on the scene, flaunting their slings with great dexterity, and ready to take on these two Giants. It is no wonder that in such a short space of their emergence, the hearts of many Choral Music lovers are being charmed away by these unassuming amateur music warriors.

And that’s exactly the point they proved on Sunday, August 14, as they held hundreds of their patrons spellbound with their reflectively soothing melodies. The rains that started hours to the programmme and continued into its commencement was not enough excuse to stop these music lovers from attending the well planned event. Not even the initial technical hitches that delayed activities was enough reason to irritate or send them away. They have either tasted or heard of the first and second editions of Selah and they would sacrifice their time and comfort to drink deep of the third edition.

Selah, a Biblical word, defined as an instruction calling for a pause; a pause to ponder over, meditate on and reflect is an annual musical concert by the ARS Selah Choir. The choir which is an amalgamation of two powerful choirs of the Church of the Apostolic Revelation Society namely, the Harbour City Youth Choir, Tema and Executive Choir, Ashaiman Lebanon, lived up to their name.

For the first and second parts, the choir’s meditatively brewed selections put every participant in pensive moods. Except for the shaking and nodding of few heads, and the tapping of limited feet, one could hear a pin drop.

The third part, however, came with a swift twist. It got everybody on their feet. At last, the crowd also have an opportunity to showcase their skills. They might not have the voice to sing but they obviously have a flexible body to shake. Though soaked in their own sweat, the multitude would not take the MC’s pronouncement of an end of the show. “We want more; we want more,” became the only melody they could also afford to make–an instant report to the organiser’s of Selah that, they have done a great and perfect job.

Majority of the songs performed on the night was arranged by a member of the Selah Choir, S.S Wosime. The audience was also treated to beautiful tunes from other great Ghanaian composers such as Dr. Ephraim Amu, C.K Doe-Williams, Walter Blege, Nehemiah Akude, Nathaniel Addy, Ohene Adu-Nti, F.K Asamoah, Divine Gbagbo, Shine K. Nuworti, etc.

Prof George Worlasi Kwasi Dor, professor of Music and McDonnell Barksdale Chair of Ethnomusicology, University of Mississippi, USA, who was the Guest Speaker, took the audience down the memory lane of Choral Music as well as praised and offered some useful suggestions and motivation to the Selah Choir. The Special Guest for the concert, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, MP for North-Tongu supported the Choir with a sum of Ghc 2000.

This year’s Selah was themed: “Re-erecting the Ancient Walls; Learning While at it to Inspire the Kingdom Work.” In that high spirit, the audience left the Hall, catching and taking this unspoken message away: “If you can reflect and ponder over God and your actions and choices as often, you will be able to re-erect the ancient and broken walls of your life, family and nation. For, it is only in your reflective moments that you will receive insights and inspirations to live a blissful, fulfuling and a life pleasing to your Maker.”

While we await Selah 2023, you can engage the ARS Selah Choir to give life to your events. For partnership or sponsorship of their upcoming programmes, reach them on +233241591688. The choir desires to project young talents as well as the culture of Ghana through choral music while inspiring souls and bringing glory to God. In all the overwhelming vicissitudes of life, take a pause; a pause to ponder, meditate, reflect, re-examine and reconnect with God. Selah!

Enjoy this soothing performance from the Choir.

“Yesu dede ko” performed by the ARS Selah Choir

By Elorm Hermann

I'm on a mission to disrupt mindsets and explore answers to questions others are afraid to even ask.

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