There are two categories of people. Those who complain about every challenge or problem and see them as dead-ends, and those who treat those same challenges as opportunities. The latter group, who see opportunities in everyday challenges, tend to commit their time, relationships and resources to brainstorm and work towards providing lasting solutions to these seeming challenges. Because whoever seeks, eventually finds, they are able to find solutions to these problems and package them as products or services and resell to the average person who saw but chose to do nothing about those same common problems.

After several days, months and even years of struggles, delays or setbacks, this second category — though very few in number, eventually become the movers and shakers of the world.

Jeremiah Buabeng, the CEO of Buabeng Books and Buabeng Communications, is part of this limited number of persons who treat every challenge they encounter as opportunities.

What will you do when you realise the place you constantly visit has no decent place to relieve your hunger?

Well, this was what Jeremiah Buabeng did. Recounting how it all began in a Facebook post announcing Enije Hospitality Limited, the new addition to his Buabeng Group, he said,

“About 14 years ago, I was an evening student at a campus in Accra. My friend and I would get to Kaneshie Market area and feel the need to assuage the hunger pangs after hours of sitting down to learn but we couldn’t find a decent restaurant to eat at.”

This was when Mr Buabeng, started conceiving the idea to get into the restaurant business. Well, it did not happen immediately.

“Some five years after that period, I went back to school again as an evening student and I didn’t stop talking about my desire to start a restaurant,” he further revealed. But, “it didn’t happen then.”

The very first day his new landlord took him to their new office space in 2020, the serial entrepreneur knew exactly what he would use the large compound for. This was in 2020.

Almost three years on, Enije Restaurant  which officially opens today, gallantly sits on that very empty space and shares the same compound with his other three enterprises, Buabeng Books, Buabeng Communications and Corporate Toolbox.

On how they settled on the name, Enije, he revealed how he considered several names including “Famous Jay” which got rejected by his wife, Enam.

“The jealous woman complained about why “all” the companies had to be named after me (as if Buabeng is not her name too. LOL),” he joked, “but I like to make Enam happy so I said then why don’t we coin a name from our names?”

He further recounted how the eureka moment came, “we were driving together at the time. If I recall correctly, we were then around North Kaneshie or its environs. So Enam uses the nickname Enny and I liked to be called Jay so we came up with Ennyjay. Then we realized it rhymes with the Akan word Anigye (meaning happiness) so we decided to coin it as Enije for Enny and Jay and to serve happiness to our customers. That’s how we came up with the name we are hoping will become a global brand that is synonymous with great hospitality.

Mr Jeremiah Buabeng

The name, Jeremiah Buabeng, over the years has proven to be synonymous to excellence and this new addition to the Buabeng Group will certainly be nothing short of world class excellence.

Locate Enije Restaurant on the Olympics Street, Teiko Schnapp Lane, Caprice, Accra. They also accept delivery. Call them on their hotline 0240 799 888 to make your orders. Time: 10am-10pm.

Enije Restaurant hopes to serve you only one thing: Happiness. And as you enjoy their sumptuous meals, let it remind you that there is an opportunity in every challenge or problem you encounter; let it remind you that your dreams are still possible if only you will keep revisiting and working hard towards realising them, even if it will take you 14 years!

Congratulations, Jeremiah Buabeng!

By Elorm Hermann

I'm on a mission to disrupt mindsets and explore answers to questions others are afraid to even ask.

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