In a remarkable gesture of supporting the grassroots activities of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Afetsi Awoonor has donated a staggering 1420 plastic chairs to the Ketu-North NDC.

This significant contribution aims to enhance the activities of the local branches as well improve the overall experience of visitors to the Constituency office.

The benevolent act comes as part of his ongoing commitment to serving the NDC and contributing his quota in addressing the needs of the Party. Mr Awoonor revealed he was touched by the pressing needs of the party during his recent campaign tours of the 138 branches and has decided to take an immediate action and make tangible difference.

He made the donation in Penyi on May 13, 2023, during the Party’s primaries ahead of the 2024 general election, which saw John Dramani Mahama emerging as their Presidential Candidate and Leader.

Mr Awoonor was among the pool of individuals whose eyes were on the mantle to represent the people of Ketu-North on the ticket of NDC in the 2024 general election. He, however, withdrew from the race after picking his nomination forms.

He said his donation is also his little way of appreciating the great reception he received from the party executives, elders and members of the great Umbrella Party throughout the entire 138 branches of Ketu-North.

Mr Awoonor believes by investing in the physical space that facilitates open dialogue and community engagement, he hopes to foster an environment where party members feel valued and empowered to participate in the political process.

One of the party’s executives commended Mr Awoonor’s gesture, stating, “This donation will not only benefit the party’s operations but also serve as a symbol of Afetsi Awoonor’s dedication to public service. It demonstrates true leadership and commitment to serving the needs of the people.”

“Though he has decided to withdraw from the race as our Parliamentary Candidate,” remarked one delegate, “it’s truly heartwarming to see him go above and beyond personal interests to improve our experience as these chairs will make a significant difference, providing comfort and accessibility for party members.”

As the news of this donation spreads, it is clear that Afetsi Awoonor’s act of generosity will leave a lasting impression on the 138 branches of the Ketu-North NDC. The 1420 chairs will serve as a reminder of his dedication to public service and his ongoing efforts to make positive difference, not only politically but in the socioeconomic advancement of vulnerable and poor communities, especially those in Ketu-North.

Each of the 138 local branches is to receive 10 pieces of the chairs while the Constituency office receives 40.

Afetsi Awoonor is a well respected energy and defence expert, business consultant and leader.

By Elorm Hermann

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