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The Global Good Fund Fellowship is a 12-month hybrid leadership program for social entrepreneurs around the world. The Global Good Fund accelerates leaders who
relentlessly tackle the most pressing social issues to create a more sustainable and just future for all. Each leader receives professional executive coaching, c-suite business mentorship, $1 0,000 to spend exclusively on their leadership development, customized tools, resources, training and networking opportunities to scale their social impact.
The program is specifically designed to develop the leadership skills that you need to thrive in the increasingly complex world that we live in. GGF looks for leaders that recognize their need to fine-tune their leadership skills to best drive their team and enterprise to greater success.

Fellowship Details:

1) 360 Leadership Assessment

Fellows take GGF’s proprietary leadership assessment and gain a panoramic view of their leadership skills.

2) Summit (In person)

Fellows participate in an Annual Global Good Fund Summit each sprint. A 4-day curated leadership development experience that combines training, networking and bonding among Fellows, alumni and valued members of the GGF ecosystem.

3) Executive Coaching (virtual)

Fellows use the results of the 360 assessment as a starting point to work with their executive coach and create a personalized Leadership Development Plan.

4) Business Mentorship (virtual)

Fellows are matched with a C-suite business executive who serves as a mentor and receive intensive 1:1 support to help them successfully grow their business.

5) Targeted Funds

Fellows receive a $10,000 grant to explicitly be used on their Leadership Development.

6) Peer and subject Matter Expert Network

Over the course of 12 months, Fellows are part of a global cohort of leaders positively impacting the world. GGF facilitates intentional opportunities for Fellows and alumni to engage and learn from each other as well as a variety of industry experts so that they can be better equipped towards addressing complex challenges.

Eligibility Criteria

• The enterprise the candidate leads has been in operation for a minimum of two years

• The enterprise employs a minimum of two full-time, paid employees

• The candidate’s role if that of a primary decision-maker, i.e. the role you hold is:

• C-Suite (CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, etc.)

• Co-Founder/ Founder & C-Suite

• Executive Director

• The candidate is committed full-time to running the enterprise

• The enterprise the candidate is leading is mission-driven, meaning that the sole objective is not to make a profit but also to have a positive impact on society.

Additional Considerations

• The enterprise the candidate is leading can be a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid

• The enterprise’s scope of work can be international, domestic or both

• The enterprise has developed an effective business model and is therefore well positioned (or is able to provide evidence that demonstrates a high level of potential) to scale in the long-term

• The enterprise is addressing issues in the following sectors: Financial Technology, Environment, Education, Economic Mobility, and Health. However, we will consider applicants who fall outside of these areas as related to their potential for social impact and systemic change

• Candidates should not be receiving formal coaching/mentoring support; if they are applying for other fellowships within the same fellowship cycle, please make sure it is indicated within your application.


Phase I: May-June
Preliminary Questionnaire

• A series of short-answer questions that aims to assess the applicants alignment with our Fellowship Criteria.

• Time it takes to complete: 30 minute approx.

Phase II: July – August
Comprehensive Application

• A mandatory video submission where we ask you to share your story with us.

• 2 recommendation letters

• Financial viability template

• Short answer questions related to these topics: Impact measurement, what your enterprise does and what makes it unique, and leadership potential and coachability.

• Time it takes to complete: 1-2 hours approx.

Phase III: Sept – Nov

• A 30min video interview

• Candidates are required to invite 1 colleague and/or community member that can attest to their work to their interview.

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For more information, visit the Official Webpage of the Global Good Fund

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