Global Chair of BRICS Business Council has urged African leaders to move away from ideological constraints and instead pursue the development of their countries.

Busi Mabuza believes this cane be achieved by embracing non-traditional alliances and partnerships that will open new frontiers of mutual growth and Investment opportunities for citizens.

Ms Mabuza made these comments in an Interview with JoyNews’ Blessed Sogah on the sidelines of the BRICS business forum organized by the BRICS business council in Johannesburg South Africa, heralding the 15th BRICS summit which is an annual meeting of leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

BRICS which could be broadly described as an economic alliance accounts for about 40 percent of the world population translating into 26 percent of global trade. However, at this year’s summit, the multilateral platform says it is expanding its frontiers to more emerging economies hence the theme: “BRICS and Africa: Partnership for mutually accelerated growth, sustainable development and inclusive multilateralism.”

Already, more than 20 Countries have officially applied to join BRICS including Africa’s most populous nation Nigeria. There are speculations that given Nigeria’s pivotal role in the Economic Community of West Africa, others in the sub-region including Ghana would have to adjust by equally applying for membership

However commenting on Nigeria’s application to formally join BRICS, Busi Mabuza noted that it was delightful news adding that “Nigeria is the biggest economy on the continent so yes they are big brother and I Believe that every nation that is looking for economic opportunity for its people, that’s looking for multilateral partnerships with other nations should really consider the BRICS bloc as an opportunity for them.”

On the question as to whether or not Ghana should consider applying, Ms Mabuza indicated that it would be a ‘brilliant’ idea.

She further explained that “Ghana is also a powerhouse on the continent and with the initiatives that the country has been taking in terms of linkages, trade linkages and attracting investment into the country it’s absolutely important and I hope that Ghana will at some stage consider.”

“But of course, there are always national considerations so I wouldn’t be the one to say to Ghana apply but I think that at least whatever decision they take they’ll have considered the opportunity and decided in the Best National Interest.”

The Global President of the BRICS Business Council is also urging African leaders and the private sector in Africa to move away from chaining themselves to Ideological constraints.

“Rather we should come and say what we want is the African continent is development. This is our time, we are inviting be it the West or the East to come and partner with us. But what I have experienced with the partnership that South Africa has enjoyed with the BRICS nations for the past 10 years is that the countries operate from a position of not wanting to impose their ideology their ideas, or their way of doing things on South Africa but rather they are there to listen to us and partner for mutual benefit, So it is important for us as a continent to be there at the table,” Busi Mabuza said.


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