In a significant development, Ghana is all set to become the focal point for the power electrical and energy industry as it prepares to host the most extensive exhibition of its kind in Accra.

The ‘Power Energy Ghana Exhibition’, a comprehensive international showcase of the power energy electrical sector, is scheduled to take place from October 11th to 13th, 2023 at the renowned Accra International Conference Centre.

This grand event is being organised by BIG4SURE EVENTS FZCO, headquartered in the UAE, and enjoys patronage from the Ministry of Energy-Ghana, with the Ministry of Trade and Investment-Ghana’s invaluable support. Power and Energy stand as pivotal sectors that underpin Ghana’s economic growth, sustainability and income generation through electricity exports.

The exhibition has garnered substantial enthusiasm and backing from key stakeholders and associations within the country, including the Ghana Electrical Contractors Association, Ghana Electrical Dealers Associations, Ghana Unions of Traders Association, Energy Chamber of Ghana and Ghana Chamber of Construction Industries, along with international partners such as CCI France Ghana and the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

This monumental event promises to unite manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, dealers and distributors of power electrical energy equipment and products – encompassing a wide spectrum from transformers, wires, solar panels, batteries and inverters to generators and all facets of the electrical industry. The exhibition anticipates hosting nearly 100 exhibitors hailing from India, China, Turkey, Nigeria, UAE, France, the UK, Ghana and other nations, while drawing over 4,000 visitors from Ghana and across West Africa.

A standout feature of the exhibition is the India Pavilion’, featuring the participation of over 40 Indian companies organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce with the government of India’s unwavering support. This pavilion is poised to be the largest contingent at the event, showcasing the robust international presence at the exhibition.

The exhibition’s core objective is to address growing demand and challenges in the power and energy supply sector within Ghana, aligning with government’s vision of establishing robust industrial support infrastructure to promote exports and job creation.

Ghanaian and West African companies will seize the opportunity to engage in one-on-one interactions with the manufacturers and suppliers present at the event. Pre-scheduled meetings will facilitate collaboration, partnership discussions, distribution arrangements, joint ventures and investment opportunities.

The ‘Power Energy Ghana Exhibition’ is poised to be a landmark event that shapes the future of Ghana’s power and energy sector. It provides a platform for local and international players to explore new horizons, foster innovation and contribute to the nation’s sustainable development. The entire community eagerly awaits the participation of all stakeholders in this momentous expo.


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