Statesman and Senior citizen Daniel Ohene Agyekum is urging the youth of Ghana to rise up and work towards the betterment of the country.

Speaking on the significance of Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day, Mr Agyekum noted that he and his peers, who are now elderly, do not have the strength to continue pushing for the right things to be done in the same manner as the youth, who have the requisite energy to do so. The youth therefore must use their energies in the interest of the country.

Citing happenings on the African continent where there have been military takeovers of legitimate governments due to poor leadership, the former ambassador to the United States of America believes that the Ghanaian youth are asleep, and are not safeguarding their future in the country.

“I am not calling for a coup. I am against that. But I think the youth of Ghana must look at what is happening elsewhere and take their destiny into their own hands. Things are not going on well in the country…They must rise up now and tell the powers that be that things are not well. Their future is at stake here. The level of mismanagement is just too much. They need to rise and save this country,” Ambassador Ohene Agyekum said in an interview with Ultimate FM, monitored by

For him, engaging in protest marches, for instance, are beyond him and his contemporaries but it is up to the youth to demonstrate against the ills in the country.

“Arise Ghana youth for this country! Arise today not tomorrow; it may be too late because your future is at stake. Some of us are now weak. We can’t be going on demonstrations like we used to. The youth now have the energy to do that” he said.

Ambassador Ohene Agyekum is a much-respected politician of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who has served in many portfolios, including Ministerial and ambassadorial roles.


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