Ghana’s Kasapreko Company Limited, a beverage manufacturer owned by multi-millionaire tycoon Kwabena Adjei, is venturing into the East African market, introducing popular brands such as Alomo Bitters and Alomo Gold. Other brands being introduced include Kasapreko London Dry Gin, Black Rock Whisky, Carnival Strawberry, and Kalahari Bitters.

According to a report by Capital FM Kenya, Kasapreko’s entry is facilitated through Canary International Trading Company Limited, a multinational food and beverage distribution company.

Patrick Masope-Crabbe, Canary Group’s founder, spoke on Thursday at the Ghana High Commission in Nairobi. He emphasized that the company will utilize a business-to-business model to ensure Kasapreko products swiftly permeate the market. Masope-Crabbe highlighted plans to collaborate with numerous alcohol distributors and retailers.

Canary International operates in West Africa, East Africa, and the UAE.

The term “Alomo” originates from a Ghanaian dialect, translating to “my lover” or “close friend.” The brand enjoys popularity in nations like Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Burkina Faso.

Established in 1989 by Ghanaian businessman Kwabena Adjei in Nungua, Greater Accra Region, Kasapreko initially aimed to offer Ghanaians quality, affordable beverages. The brand began in Adjei’s garage and now boasts a state-of-the-art facility, exporting to 16 nations globally with various products in various categories like bitters, whisky, gin, liqueur, soft drinks, and wine. Kasapreko has annual revenues of more than $35 million, making Adjei one of Ghana’s richest men.


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