A domestic airline service, ‘Accra by Air’ which provides the average Ghanaian an aircraft experience to explore the picturesque city of Accra has been launched.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Adubea Ofosu explained that, the initiative was driven by her passion for tourism around the world.

Citing her experience in Dubai, Adubea said tourists have the opportunity to hire aircraft to explore the city.

She was speaking on Joy Learning TV’s career and entrepreneurship development programme, The Career Trail.

The young entrepreneur disclosed that, after this intriguing discovery, she decided to replicate the same concept here in Ghana, hence birthing her aviation business, Accra by Air.

“There is actually something called Adventure Tours or City Tours, where you can hire an aircraft or helicopter and tour around the city. For instance, in Dubai, they do that. So when I noticed this, I thought to myself; we could actually do this in Ghana because there is nothing like that here hence the name Accra by Air” she explained.

Adubea indicated that, the service is successful because of the massive support from Ghanaians.

“We had huge support, and it was amazing. When we first announced it, we were even trending on Twitter,” she touted.

She said she obtained the technical know-how and the insight to start an aviation business from a relative who was a pilot.

With regards to funding the aircraft, Adubea said she had to collaborate with other partners in order to raise the necessary funds.

By this strategy, the business woman has been able to acquire four aircrafts and she aspires to own at least 20 aircraft by the end of the year.

It is worth noting that, the young entrepreneur, Adubea Ofosu, aside her aviation business, also has a degree in Nursing from the University of Ghana, Legon.

“I finished Legon in 2020. After school, I wrote my license, because before you can practice professionally, you have to get your license. So I practised a little bit, got my license, and also applied for another international license in Texas” she said.

Although Ms. Adubea does not practice nursing professionally, she revealed that she uses her background in health for the wellness of women and children in an international organisation.

“What I use my health education for is the wellness of women and children for an international organization. We work on projects that are geared towards the well-being of women and children. So I’m doing that on the side, remotely,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Ms. Adubea has urged all young people who aspire to become entrepreneurs to not limit themselves by thinking they need to pursue only business-related courses in school, but rather to pursue any course of their choice, as they can still be able to branch into entrepreneurship at any point.

“Entrepreneurship does not necessarily demand a formal background in business, as one can still take up short courses in business along the line,” she added.

Source: adomonline.com

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