Application Deadline: July 15, 2023


The Zero Carbon Africa Impact program aims to build a community of exceptional young African leaders who will champion and promote the net-zero advocacy across Africa. Through a comprehensive online curriculum, participants will have the unique opportunity to expand their knowledge on various aspects of climate change and sustainability, facilitated by mentorship and practical workshops. The program duration is eight weeks, starting
on August, 2023.

By the end of the program, fellows will benefit from mentorship provided by prominent climate action leaders, receive a certificate of completion, and gain proficiency in implementing climate action projects within their communities. The Zero Carbon Africa lmpact program equips young African leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective champions of the net zero movement, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future for Africa.

Program Structure:

The Program is designed as a 3-month long training and advocacy program for African Youths. The fellowship is divided into 3 components: The Master Class, Climate Action Impact Interventions and the Social Impact Showcase Event.

• Masterclass

This is a comprehensive 8-week training package on sustainable development goal-13 and current international efforts in place to address the net-zero target. The training includes 16+ live sessions, original readings, and comprehensive assessments.

• Climate Action Impact Interventions

As a prerequisite for final certification as Zero-Carbon Africa Impact fellows, the Fellows will be allocated into groups, tasked with planning and implementing a social impact project centred on climate action. This component of the Program which will run concurrently with the masterclass is geared towards providing the fellows with mentorship and practical
learnings as they take on various zero-carbon climate action projects in their countries. The fellows are expected to share best practices, lessons learned, and solutions on a weekly basis.

• Social Impact Showcase Event

Each group comprising the fellows will be given opportunities to showcase their works. This event is intended to present lessons,  and sustainable solutions addressing climate change from the African continent while recognizing exceptional individuals


• Applicants must be residents of Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, South Africa or Kenya;
• Must have access to a computer or a smart phone, electricity and internet;
•  Must be available for lectures 4 hours every week;
• Must be interested or currently working on climate action advocacy;
•  Must be available to work on a Team project.

Fellowship commences August 1, 2023 and will last for 8 weeks. Participation is 100% online.

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Visit the Official Webpage of Zero-Carbon Africa for more information

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