The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Customs Division, and the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) have jointly expressed concern over a growing trend of importing disposable baby diapers into the country that are either unhygienically packaged in bales or concealed within bundles of used clothing.

According to a press statement, these diapers are subsequently repackaged and sold without proper label information, or sometimes without any labeling at all.

This practice according to the agencies directly violates the regulatory requirements and packaging standards outlined in the Ghana Standard (GS 1166:2017) for disposable baby diapers.

The statement highlights that the safety of materials used in baby diapers is rigorously assessed during the FDA product registration process. Consequently, the FDA cannot guarantee the levels of toxins, dyes, or skin irritants present in unregistered baby diapers.

Furthermore, the frequent handling of diapers, often in unsanitary conditions, can introduce germs into the genital region, posing significant risks to the health and well-being of infants and children, particularly girls.

Importers and distributors of baby diapers have, thus, been cautioned that only diapers duly registered by the FDA and meeting the Ghana Standard (GS 1166:2017) are permitted for import and sale.

Additionally, all registered diapers imported into the country must be appropriately packaged and sealed to safeguard the product against moisture, soiling, contamination, and damage throughout transportation, storage and distribution within their shelf life.

The statement further warned that the importation of unregistered and unhygienically packaged baby diapers will result in their confiscation and safe disposal, with the associated costs borne by the importer.


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