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The Toyota Mobility Foundation’s Sustainable Cities Challenge aims to harness the power, creativity and energy of innovation to improve access to safe, equitable and sustainable mobility solutions for all. Through two stages the global Sustainable Cities Challenge will award $9 million to improve mobility solutions in cities around the world.

Cities are constantly evolving and adapting to an ever-changing world. As cities grow and develop, the need for innovative, responsive, and resilient mobility solutions has never been more essential and the opportunities have never been greater. Traveling to visit friends or family, commuting to work or school, delivering goods to a store, or bringing essential services to people’s front doors. People living in cities both large and small depend on efficient, accessible, and sustainable mobility systems.


Ten shortlisted cities will receive:

• Invitations for two representatives to attend a capacity building academy in the US in November 2023. Travel and accommodations costs will be covered by the Challenge.

• Follow-up tailored challenge design and problem definition sessions for local teams.

• Communications and PR support to raise awareness of your involvement in the Challenge.

• Access to peer sharing with a cohort of nine other innovative city teams.

Following the academy and support, three of the ten cities will be selected to host a local City Challenge in 2024. The three selected cities will access:

• Up to $3 million funding for innovators to address local mobility issues through a City Challenge.

• This includes a $100,000 stipend to support city participation in the Challenge and build staff capacity (where possible and in line with local laws and regulations).

• Additional tailored capacity building support on challenge design and delivery, innovation and urban mobility.

• Hands-on support from TMF, Challenge Works and WRI to co-design an open innovation competition that will attract innovators to solve it.

• Communications and publicity to raise the profile of your city to attract innovators both locally and from across the globe.


The Sustainable Cities Challenge is open to cities that wish to address local mobility issues relating to one of three interrelated themes:

• Overcoming mobility barriers: They want to hear from cities who recognize how opening up mobility systems to everyone is key to creating a more inclusive society.

• Strengthening mobility systems: They want to hear from cities who are interested in exploring data-driven ways to improve the resilience of local mobility systems and increase the availability of real-time travel information.

• Advancing low carbon mobility: They want to hear from cities who want to explore ways to boost low carbon and environmentally sustainable mobility whilst improving residents’ access to goods and services.

Other Timelines:

October 2023: 10 cities shortlisted

February 2024: 3 cities selected to host local City Challenges

Mid 2024: 3 City Challenges launch calls to innovators

Visit the Official Webpage of Sustainable Cities Challenge to access more information

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