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The Kelvin Ewoma Samuel Entrepreneurship and Mentorship (KESEM)
Youth in business program  is on a mission to  raising, mentoring and funding 1,000,000 young entrepreneurs in Africa by 2050 that will be committed to create a chain of productive and profitable businesses globally which will also help in achieveing all 17 sustainable development Goals (SDGs) and United Nations’s Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

They are on a mission to mentoring, funding and networking up to 1,000,000 young entrepreneurs by 2050, through their training, mentorship and funding programs, who through the engagement of their creative abilities can create innovative solutions to tackle economic problems across African communities.

This program is divided into 3 parts which include:

• Mentorship
Our mentorship program is a fundamental to all applicants if they are to qualify for the $1000 Non refundable business grant. We have prepared an extensive business lectures that will equip you from ideation to business growth and sustainability, leadership and character building. This is fundamental to help applicants in their journey as an entrepreneur. There will be virtual tests upon completion of each lesson during the mentorship phase. 

• Business Plan and Pitching
The Business plan and pitching phase allows all applicant who have passed the mentorship phase to submit their business plan template which they will be guided on how to fill the business plan template and they all applicants will be pitching their businesses through a 5 mins video sent to us. All applicants will also be guided on how to make a successful pitch 

• Funding and Certification Award
After the business plan and pitching phase, the final phase is the funding of $1000 and certifications of different courses taken during the mentorship phase where we will be awarding all applicants that have successfully passed the first two phases (Mentorship and Business Plan)

Other Awards to be won awards to be won during the cause of the program include Free Business Registration, Free Web design for business, Free Social Media Boost and many others

Program Benefits

• Get Groomed with Business Management Skills and get a certificate

• Learn Advance Digital Skills Such as Web Development without coding, Graphics Designs with Smartphone, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Whatsapp Sales Mastery, Email Marketing, AI Copy Writing, Video Editing, Cartoon Animination, and many more

• Learn Leadership and character building, get a certificate from a top leadership organization in Nigeria 

• Get Your Business Registered

• Build A Solid/Viable Business Plan For Your Business Venture

• Opportunities To Equip Your Business Venture

• Get $1,000 Non Refundable Business grant 

• Networking With Other Entrepreneurs and much more

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