Africa needs a new breed of wealthy indi­viduals to help accelerate the development of the continent, the President of the Billionaires Conclave, Dr Olumide Emmanuel, has said.

That, according to him, would help address Africa’s dependent on the West for financial support to fund developmental projects in the region.

Speaking to journalists in Accra on Tuesday on the upcom­ing “Building Transgenerational Wealth and Organisation” pro­gramme in Accra, he said Africa needed rich people who were not greedy and would not cheat and steal the resources of state to enrich themselves.

 Africa needs impact and legacy millionaires and billionaires who will spend on things that matter and not only think of themselves,” he said.

The maiden two-day pro­gramme, scheduled for February 8-9, 2024, is to be organised by the Billionaires Conclave.

Dubbed ‘Building Transgener­ational Wealth and Organisation’, the programme is opened to Chief Executive Officers, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to build transgenerational businesses.

Dr Emmanuel explained that impact and legacy millionaires and billionaires were people who did not think only of wealth accumu­lation, but cater for the needs of the poor and vulnerable in society and as well as help address societal challenges.

He said the conference was to help build transgenerational busi­nesses and organisations that were sustainable and went beyond their founders.

The CEO of the Billion­aires Conclave indicated that the programme was not meant to make participants millionaires and billionaires, but equip participants with the skills to become million­aires and billionaires and also help those who were already millionaires and billionaires to sustain their wealth and transfer to the next generation.

He said the participants would be taken through a masterclass on topics such as developing a trans­generational mindset, 20 secrets to building and enduring organi­sation, 20 reasons why businesses fail, developing a wealthy mentality, understanding true wealth and components of true wealth.

The Country Representative of the Billionaires Conclave, Obaahe­maa Demay, said China and India used the millionaires and billion­aires approach to develop their economies and Ghana and Africa could pursue same to build their economies.


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