The importation of sugar is likely to decline as Bui Sugar Limited is poised to produce sugar on a large scale to meet the local demand.

While serving the Ghanaians and meeting the local demand, the Deputy Director of Impact at Bui Power Authority, Eric Opoku Acheampong said the sugar factory would export some of the products to attract foreign exchange and Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs).

Speaking on GhanaWeb TV’s BizTech programme, Mr Opoku Acheampong noted that BPA was operating the Bui Sugar Limited in partnership with a Chinese company.

He explained that with this partnership arrangement, Bui Power Authority gives out land as their shares and equity in the investment.

Eric Opoku Acheampong in the interview on GhanaWeb TV’s BizTech programme noted, “The company for sure will export a lot of them out but we’ll also meet the demand in town. So we’ll export and bring more foreign exchange to the country.”

He added that “This is a partnership between Bui Power and Bui Sugar Limited. We are providing the land as our shares and equity in their investment. It is a partnership arrangement.”

He called on both local and foreign investors to come and invest in projects at BPA and its environs.

Among other projects of BPA are the floating solar panels, solar panels on land, cashew, and sugarcane factories.


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