The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Dr Efua Asabea Asare, has revealed Ghana’s vision to invest and grow coconut has positioned Ghana in the global world market.

She said Ghana’s coconut oil, coconut water and other products from coconut known on the world market is making Ghana’s position on the world market, as far as coconut is concerned, very steady.

The Ghana Export Promotion CEO made this known during the third edition of the international coconut festival held in Takoradi.

Ghana is endowed with the ideal climatic conditions for increased production of coconut for both the domestic and foreign markets. The crop thrives very well in the tropical rain forest zone and along the coastal belt including the Greater Accra, Central, Volta and Western Regions.

In the Western Region, the bulk of coconut is grown in 3 districts, namely: Jomorro, Nzema East and Ellembelle.

The benefits accruing from coconut is multi-faceted as Ghana ranks number 9 in the global production of desiccated coconut.

In a bid to project the far reaching dividends from coconut trade, the 3rd International Coconut festival under the theme: ‘Invest in Ghana’s coconut sector for an inclusive economic transformational and improved climate and social resilience’ held under the aegis of GEPA.


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