Mr. Daniel Fenyi, an Educationist and a certified counsellor, recently shared some valuable advice with Ghana Universities Journal regarding career paths.

During a two-hour visual discussion organized by Ghana Universities Journal on the theme, “Relationships and Careers,’ Mr. Fenyi encouraged young people to be cautious and thoughtful about their career choices.

One of Mr. Fenyi’s key points was that young people must engage with their families, spouses, or partners before choosing a specific career path.

He specifically cited careers in politics, noting that such a career path can be risky and require extensive consideration beforehand.

He also cautioned against choosing a career based solely on passion, suggesting that young people should prioritize choosing a career path that will offer them financial security and stability.

Mr. Fenyi also emphasized the importance of building networks and utilizing social media to commercialize skills and gain exposure. He stressed that computer skills have become an essential basic need, and encouraged young people to acquire these skills early on in their career planning.

Finally, he emphasized the benefits of volunteering as a way to gain experience and build a network of contacts within one’s field of interest.

In conclusion, Mr. Daniel Fenyi’s advice contained many useful insights for young people thinking about their career paths.

Emphasizing the importance of careful consideration, financial security and networking, Mr. Fenyi provided key guidance for those seeking to build long-term success and stability in their chosen careers.

Source: GhanaWeb

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