Life’s journey can be tough and rough. Each person and their share. We face several challenges along the journey. Some are small challenges, others are huge and then some are life threatening.

You try all you can think of, you reach out for help but nothing. You stretch your thinking, your might, your pocket and even your prayers. Things continue to be tough, rough and overwhelming.

You see, over the last 6 years of my life, life has taken me on very unfamiliar routes and terrains. Just like walking on a tiring journey, you can get exhausted, thirsty, hungry or even frustrated on the journey of life. You look ahead and you see a long uncertain distance still to cover. You look behind and going back doesn’t look like a smart move. So what do you do? You take a short break to rest.

We don’t quit when we’re tired; we take a break to rest and then continue the journey. Quitting is not resting and resting is not quitting.

In your business, your career, relationships, academics, etc; no matter how tough things are, no matter how thirsty, exhausted, hungry you are or frustrated your journey is, don’t quit. Rest small, then keep moving.

Your rest could be talking to a professional or a trusted friend. It could be a personal soul searching retreat or a deep time with your God to refresh and strategize. What ever you do, what ever life throws at you, don’t quit on your life. Don’t quit on yourself. Don’t quit life.

Having life is the greatest gift our God has given us and what we make of our lives is the gratitude we can give God. I know the journey is hard but so has it been for a lot more people. Behind every smile you see on the faces of the people around you, there’s a struggle. We all are dealing with one thing or the other.

So my friend, don’t give up on that dream yet. Don’t give up on yourself yet. Don’t quit! Rest small and keep fighting. Just as a river doesn’t quit flowing when it hits a blockade, don’t let your river of greatest stop flowing when you meet the roadblocks of life. Meander through and keep flowing.

I wish you a very productive week.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
+233 204 987592

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