The Chief Executive Officer of Farmhouse Productions, Ivan Quashigah, is confident Ghana will soon be the centre for film production on the African continent.

He believes that the nation’s film sector has enormous potential and requires significant investment.

Mr. Quashigah has a strong conviction that the National Film Authority’s (NFA) present initiative would advance the growth of the film industry.

“Corporate organisations ought to consider the film industry. There will be a thriving film business. Ghana will become the centre of African film production thanks to the institutions that are being established, coordinated by the National Film Authority,” he stated.

These remarks were made by the creative director at the third Accra Showbiz Roundtable hosted by Joy FM.

The dynamics of sponsorship in the creative sector were examined in the third iteration of the thought-leadership programme.

According to Farmhouse Productions’ CEO, recent neglect of the film industry has come at the price of other creative industries.

However, the director claimed that things are beginning to improve and that companies should begin considering investments in the area.

He added that businesses in Ghana might take advantage of thorough product placement packages from the Film Authority at a reduced price.

Mr. Ivan Quashigah is optimistic that the country would make significant advancements as a significant participant in film production on the continent and beyond with the correct investment in the sector. 

SOURCE: Daily guide network

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