Even though there is an influx of beauty pageants and reality shows, not everyone is able to survive after the ‘curtain bow’.

A 2021 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) finalist, Beatrice Nortey, however, sees pageants as good platforms if one wants to change her story and elevate herself.

She explained that pageants were like a springboard on which one could elevate herself, skill set, network among others.

“In the pageant world where the spotlight shines brightly on stages, it is often perceived that a crown represents the ultimate triumph. However, I am here to share a truth that extends beyond the glitz and glamour. We have the extraordinary power to shape our own destinies,” she told the Daily Graphic in an interview.

Ms Nortey, who is now a real estate consultant and Sales Lead of i2 Development, said she was where she is today because she made good use of the GMB platform.


Sharing her, story, she described herself as a symbol of resilience and determination with the power to shape her own destiny. 

Talking about her time on the pageant stage, Ms Nortey acknowledged the allure of the crown and the dreams of victory that came with it. 

However, she emphasised that true success extended beyond a single moment and that disappointment was not a dead end but an opportunity to choose a path less travelled.

“Once upon a time, I stood on that stage, fixated on the crown, my heart pounding with dreams of victory. However, applause subsided, stage lights dimmed and I came to realise that true success is not confined to a single moment. 

“Disappointment, I learned, is not a dead end but a crossroad, an opportunity to choose a path less travelled, a path that leads to something even greater.

“Today, I speak not as a queen but as a testament to the boundless potential that lies beyond a stage and a title. I turned my passion towards a different canvas – the world of real estate. 
The journey wasn’t without its challenges but each setback was a brushstroke that painted my path to success,” she said. 


Ms Nortey’s transition from an aspiring queen to a successful real estate professional showcases the boundless potential that lies beyond the stage and a title. 

“I stand as a testament to the incredible potential within each of us. To everyone who has felt the sting of defeat, whether in pageant, education, sports, marriage or whatever your feat may have been, remember this: disappointment is not final. It’s the beginning of a narrative that you hold the pen to,” she said. 

Ms Nortey added that “real victory lies in how we rise after a fall, how we transform challenges into opportunities and how we turn crowns into careers that leave a mark far beyond the now.”

To the young ladies who have interest in pageants, Ms Nortey, who represented the Oti Region in the 2021 GMB said, go for it.

“Many young women have changed their lives, polished, themselves etc. through pageantry and today are celebrated in their various fields,” she said.


She, however, explained that they should be guided and manage their expectations because pageantry is not a genie that makes all your dreams come true. 

“So if you have what it takes, then give it a shot. Prepare yourselves adequately and ensure you are financially, emotionally, physically, psychologically somewhat strong because it is not for the faint -hearted to say the least,” she said. 

On what her take on beauty pageants in general is, she said, “they help young ladies to sharpen their skills, build confidence, add their voices to social causes and prepare themselves for high society, decision making roles amongst other things.” 


She continued that in spite of all these benefits, the pageant world could use some revolution or paradigm shift.

Ms Nortey noted that pageants should redefine the standards of beauty or totally move away from the patriarchical concept of beauty to embrace more beneficial skills amongst young ladies. 

“Though so many pageants speak of beauty beyond the physical, there is still a lot of emphasis on that and that can create a certain complex in the minds of women about themselves. 

“Regardless of the advancement in feminism and women empowerment today, pageants still seem to groom and reward “soft” women and chasten women who dare to dream or be ambitious. This, I think, defeats the purpose of having such a platform in today’s world,” she stated.


Beatrice Nortey described herself as someone who is passionate about driving personal and economic success.

As a realtor, she hopes to build her own firm soon. Ms Nortey is currently pursuing her Post First Degree LLB at GIMPA, where she hopes to expand her knowledge and build the requisite skills to excel at her career and to create more impact.

On the principles she lives by, Ms Nortey said, “We wield the power to create the lives and results we desire. Another one is hardwork and dedication to whatever you are handed. The one that has become a mantra, inspired by my younger sister Dede is petit a petit, to wit, little by little,” she said.

Source: graphic.com.gh

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