Life gets down and up, low and high, soft and hard. Life is just not one way. There are days when the down moments of life are so down that rising becomes extremely difficult to do. You feel so broken that you lose almost all the energy to rise again.

Well, it’s in the nature of life for us to go down sometimes and rise up later. No matter how uncomfortable we are with the down moments of life, they will still come anyway and they will definitely go.

Every life experience, the good, the bad, the down or the high; all of them exist to make us better. Whether we like it or not, the high moments will come and go and the down moments too will come and go. What we can do is to find ways of rising up when the down moments come so we won’t spend too much time down there.

Just like a foam, when pressed, no matter how much pressure, it will still rise and get back to its original state. To rise early from your down moments, you need to have the attitude and mindset of a foam. You need the undefeated spirit, the always positive mindset. The belief that no matter how down life takes you, you will rise again. You need to completely believe that every down moment will not be permanent. They will come and go; and you’ll be better after.

Also, see more of the potential in the future rather than difficulties of today. Above all, trust absolutely in the God you serve, believing that no matter what He brings your way, they are in your best interest and that He will surely help you up. That is the only way you can ‘foam’ yourself against the beatings of life.

So, my friend, when life pulls you down, don’t stay down for too long. Rise up and come strong. 2023 is almost halfway and no matter how ‘down’ the year has taken you, you need to rise now. Learn from your mattress, rise up and let’s continue to fly.

I wish you a great week.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
+233 204 987592

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