No one likes to be called crazy but our world is shaped by ‘crazy’ people. Look through history and you’d find that all the greatest of people who made lasting impact on their generations whether in business, politics, religion, civil society, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc have all been ‘crazy’.

They did things many people didn’t understand. They chased dreams that were thought to be impossible. They took risks that were abnormal. They were insanely action-driven, chasing something every day. Their way of thinking was way beyond normal and sometimes, unthinkable. They just didn’t do what is considered normal by the larger society. They were crazy.

It was in this craziness that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc were founded. It was in this craziness that light bulb, aeroplanes, space rockets, etc were invented. It was this craziness that led to the independence of nations and the birth of Christianity, Islam, etc. It was this craziness that made legends such as Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Yaa Asantewa, etc.

These people were not playing safe, gentle or normal. They were playing rough, fast and crazy; and today, we all are benefitiaries of their craziness.

The question then is:

What are YOU crazy about? How are you being crazy in your world? Is the world ever going to benefit from your craziness? When your time in this world is over, what would you be remembered for? What would be your contribution to this world?

Our world is hungry for more sophisticated crazy people. People whose craziness will shape society and transform it. People who will go beyond the normal, embrace excellence over mediocrity, risk-taking over playing safe, significance over personal success and stretch their imagination to heights that were unthought of by many. Sounds impossible? I guess I’m being crazy.

It is possible. The Nkrumahs and the Rockefellers have not finished in the world. They are still alive, living in the minds and hearts of you and I reading this message. They are waiting inside of us to be released and unleashed into the world.

So my friend, if you are chasing a dream and the people around you think you’re crazy, don’t stop, the Martin Luther in you is being released. If they think your risk is too high, don’t cage in, the Dangote in you is being unleashed. And if they think your dreams are way too big and impossible, know that, the Wright brothers who took an airplane into the air is being released in you.

Stop playing gentle, safe and average. Think big, do big and get crazy. Don’t follow the trend, break the status quo. The world’s future depends on your craziness. Start from wherever you are. From your small corner, small village, school, work place, wherever you are. Start from the local craziness and soon you’ll graduate to the global craziness. What’s important is that you get crazy for something, because your craziness can save the world.

Wishing you a crazy week.

From your crazy friend,
Bismark TAY
+233 204 987592

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