Life they say doesn’t give us what we want. It gives us who we are and we take responsibility for what we want out of life. As we all move through life, there are many things we want. Some we get, others we don’t. All around us are opportunities and limitations. The opportunities become the doors to how much more we can be and the limitations try to stop us from becoming more.

Whether we like it or not, there will always be limitations on our way in life. But these limitations in themselves can become opportunities. Our mindset and attitude are the strongest tools we have to turn a limitation into an opportunity.

When faced with limitations, people respond in one of two ways; some fight to break the limitations and move forward while others adjust to the limitation and fit their lives into it, thereby making their limitations their new way of life.

The world didn’t come this far by people fitting their lives into their limitations. The world came this far by people breaking and turning their limitations into opportunities thereby creating better outcomes that we all are benefiting from today.

If you fit your life into your limitations, you will block yourself from your abundance, you will deny yourself how more you can be and you will settle for whatever life throws at you.

So, my friend, no matter the limitations in your way of becoming what you want to be, don’t allow your life to take the shape of your limitations. Put up a good fight, stretch your thinking and imagination, keep pushing beyond the frontiers of these limitations and soon, these limitations will become the door and starting point of your greatness.

You are truly a river of greatness and I belive it so strongly that, with the help of God, we will move past our limitations and give birth to mighty dreams and aspirations.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
+233 204 987592

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