There are times you should be the only one who believes you are right, the only who believes you’re capable and the only one who believes the time is right and it’s worth trying. You don’t always have to get permission from others before you do what you have to do. You know yourself better than anyone does. Wherever you are, you are present. You know your heartbeat, your passion, your feelings and what makes you come alive. You know your dreams and how dear they are to you and how badly you want to live them.

Sometimes, it’s okay to just go without the crowd. It’s okay to be the idiot among the wise and to be disrespectful in the eyes of others so you can be respectful to yourself.

When it comes to you and your dreams, it’s up to you and your dreams. Many times we wait for people’s validation, affirmation, permission or endorsement so we can live our lives. The only one whose permission you need is your God, and since you have life, that’s His permission for you to live and be whoever you want to be.

You don’t need anymore permission. You don’t need to wait for anymore validation and you definitely don’t need anyone to decide that you live or not. To succeed in life, you need to sometimes be positively defiant in the pursuit of your deep seated dreams and aspirations.

It is established that humans think more of themselves than of others. So, while you’re waiting for someone to give you the permission to live your dreams, that person is busy thinking of him or herself.

So my dear friend, whatever you want to do in life, whatever dreams you hold in your heart and your heart keeps beating about, you can live it. You have God’s permission. Rise up and give yourself the permission to be you. Stop waiting for the right time or the right endorsement. Get up and chase that dream. Chase it until you catch it and live it. When you do, you will give the confidence to others to follow your steps and live their dreams too.

You are indeed a river of greatness. You were born with this greatness and all the permission you need to live this greatness has already been granted you. So, go live out your greatness and flow into the world!

Wishing you a highly productive week.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
+233 204 987592

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