A lion cannot seek to be a rabbit. An airplane should not seek to compete with a car. Each of us is here on earth with a unique makeup and specific purpose. When we focus on becoming someone else, we lose direction in becoming our unique selves.

You were not created to come here and be anyone. You were created to come here and BE YOU.

When we compete against people, we force ourselves to fit our lives into a box. Competing each other is not only unhealthy and stressful, it is limiting. It limits you to strive to become who the other person is and not who you could be. It distracts you from working towards your life purpose. It narrows your perspective to only what you see in the person you’re competing against.

If you will compete at all, compete with yourself. Seek to be better today than yesterday, and tomorrow than today. The best competition is constant self improvement.

Even in the world of business, the best companies that survive competition, are the companies that make constant improvement of themselves a priority and not seeking to be like others.

When we die, we would not be remembered for who we competed against, we will be remembered for the impact we made with the WHO we were on earth.

So my friend, instead of stressing yourself to be better than someone, or living up to the expectations of others who feel you should match up and be like someone, find who you are.

Find your life purpose and get on a journey to becoming the best version of yourself each day, living that life purpose and doing enough good in the world as much as as you can.

You are a River of Greatness. Keep your focus and keep flowing through and into the world. I wish you a fantastic week.

From your friend,

Bismark Tay


By Arnold

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