The human being generally desires comfort – comfort borne out of the ability to afford financially whatever he needs or wants at any point in time. It could be a dream car, vacation at a luxurious destination, a great education, expensive clothing, and many more. This kind of life however must be financed with good money. Certainly, this is where ‘wishers’ (those who wish for such lifestyle but cannot afford it) are separated from the ‘experiencers’ (people already living that life or can afford to). Basically, the wheat is separated from the chaff, or the men from the boys.

For someone who strongly desires the good life, there are two notable routes to that habitation: working hard and smart to transition into that realm, or taking the fast, unsustainable and dangerous path of quick fixes, instant gratification and fraudulent cum evil machinations. The latter pathway, usually a product of short – term thinking, leaves unspeakable destruction in its wake. Most of the youth today, millennials and most especially the ‘Gen Z’ don’t have an appreciation for good – old hardwork, and delayed gratification. We want the outcomes fast and now. This is what is leading most young men and women into activities which have a high propensity of marring their future. But are they to blame? When good parenting is an endangered species and socio-economic leadership leaves so much to be desired, what do we expect?

Today, talk about the fourth industrial revolution is all over. In international development circles, it is usually referred to as Industrial Revolution 4.0. It speaks of the current era we are in, in terms of global productivity, output and growth. This era leans greatly towards artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and robotics, and digitization. Most human activities are now being engaged in on electronic platforms – smartphones, computers, smart watches, and other digital devices. The world has changed and is changing at a terrific space.

Gambling is on the ascendancy in Ghana, and is somewhat a worrying trend. With the exploits of digitization, it is now very convenient and easy to be a gambler, courtesy digital gambling platforms. The most popular form of gambling today is sports betting. When one sees gambling as a major gateway to riches, there is a serious problem. What is gambling? Engaging in any activity which promises great financial returns from little investment, with high levels of uncertainty, is gambling. The level of unpredictability is shocking, but because it promises a faster route to riches, many are hooked up on it.

The argument have always been made that life itself is a gamble, and I somewhat concur. Life is quite unpredictable, but the level of unpredictability can somehow be reduced with thoughtful, deliberate and determined decisions and actions. That’s the beauty! Technically, investing in stocks can be regarded as gambling of sorts. What do we do with this one? Hahaha!

The danger of gambling is the addictive tendency it carries. Homes are being ruined, futures destroyed and lives turned upside down. Take it from someone who has staked lotto for close to eight years, until the year 2012. Engaging in gambling exposes one to high levels of anxiety and uncertainty; things which are bad for the human body. They distort your emotional stability, culminating into low productivity and health challenges.

A few years ago, you had to visit a lotto kiosk to stake lotto. For the fear of being seen around a lotto kiosk and shamed, many avoided staking lotto. Now, with your smartphone, you can stake as much as you want, at your own privacy and convenience, and have winnings sent to you via e – cash systems. Digitization has come to boost the gambling business, no wonder sports betting companies are springing up everywhere, and more gaming establishments emerging.

Gambling is now in our palms, but the huge downside is that the youth especially are far removed from the virtue of diligence. They desire the quickest route to having cash, and therefore resort to betting, staking lotto and others. Whilst the needed productivity is being lost as a nation, the rise in social vices is the biggest headache.

We have to go to the crèches, primary and basic schools to teach the children the virtues of hardwork, delayed gratification (patience) and big – picture thinking. This is the major solution. Urgently, the need for good parenting has to be emphasized, using public education forums. Also, seminars and conferences for the youth aimed at educating them on the dangers of gambling have to be organised. But are these enough?

The easier it is for money to come into your pockets, the faster it flees away, leaving people wretched, damaged and disfigured. Don’t be encouraged to dabble in gambling by the few people who win; many squander their fortune faster than the eye is blinked. Retaining what you have not laboured for is most at times difficult. Labour is rewarding!

The flashy life is short-lived! Build your life a block at a time; such building stands the test of time.

By Paul Edem Kuenyefu

Paul is a conference speaker, an experienced author, a business consultant and pastor. Contact him via, Email: or Phone: +233 246585357

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this article represent the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the position of EfoConnect. EfoConnect cannot be held responsible or liable for any inaccurate statements contained in this article.

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