Life, they say, begins at 40. But there are some special group of defiants who dare this widely accepted ancient notion. Afetsi Awoonor is one of such gems who have long discovered a passion to live, but most surprisingly, die for. Like a log in fire, he willingly offers himself to be burned into ashes so as to provide warmth and hope to the underprivileged and marginalised in society.

A course that was ignited by a simple question between him and his old friends in a New York office about some of the pressing needs on the African Continent, led to an enriching experience with the Water for Humanity Project and ultimately, the birth of the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation.

With an undying desire to address the basic needs of rural communities in Ghana, Afetsi Awoonor championed his first project in 2010 which delivered a mechanised solar-powered boreholes that supplied clean water to over 2,000 people in a rural community in the Ketu-North Constituency of Ghana. He has since replicated same in other rural communities.

The Foundation has equally donated hospital consumables and equipment to Rural Health Centres, face lifted community schools, provided business support and mentorship to the youth and women, as well as organised football competitions to discover and groom the many football talents that are left to rust in rural communities.

In a beautiful ceremony to celebrate his 40th birthday in Accra, the respected energy and defense expert, business consultant and politician, has finally put an official apparel on a journey he began some twelve years ago.

The event, which was held on Saturday, September 24, brought together personalities from the business, political and diplomatic communities around the globe, aside friends and families.

In her speech, the Founding Executive Director, Adaku Ufere, said, in line with its vision, the Foundation will champion several transformative initiatives that will contribute significantly to the sustainability and advancement of Africa’s human capital in rural communities.

Youth development, entrepreneurial incubation, rural health care improvement, water for humanity, tech growth, and development through sports shall be the wheels on which the Foundation dispenses its mandate.

The ultimate goal of the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation, she revealed, is to build a Youth Entrepreneurship Centre. According to her, the facility will be located in the Ketu-North District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

The Centre will include, incubator and accelerator spaces, multi-purpose Astro Turf soccer facility, basketball and tennis court, event centre, modern library, auditorium, recording studio and ICT training room.

“The facility will also house cassava processing unit, rice packaging facility and other commercial activities designed to add value to the economic activities of the people of Ketu-North,” Adaku Ufere added.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation is strategically assembled to reflect and drive its key focus areas. The members are Dr. Richard Berman, Assistant V.P., University of South Florida; Bell Ribero-Addy, Labour Party MP for Streatham, House of Commons; and Dr. Oscar Ondo, CEO, GITGE Telecommunication. Others include, Paul Nevin, First Team Coach of Westham United and England National Team; Habila Malgwi, Head of Africa at Global Citizen Forum & Vice President, Africa at Arton Capital; the Founder, Afetsi Awoonor; and, Adaku Ufere, a lawyer, energy professional and the current Chief of Party of the USAID-funded Power Africa West Africa Energy Program.

Afetsi Awoonor with Coach Paul Nevin

Some notable faces present at the event which was hosted by the venerable KOD were, Julius Debrah, Kwame Awuah Darko, Fiifi Kwetey, Sylvester Mensah, Peter Otukonor, Kojo Jones, Senator Nyenonblee Karnga Lawrence from Liberia, among other personalities.

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