Nogokpo is a community in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta region.

The fame of this community is attributed to the Nogokpo shrine. It is believed that when you visit this shrine, debtors, thieves, murderers and perpetrators of other evil practices will be dully punished and Justice served.

Over the years, a huge misconception has been sold out that has one way or the other cast a dark light on the Nogokpo community and Volta region at large.

The purpose of this shrine has been mostly confused to be one that delights in killing people unjustly and causing harm to people.

When you are asked where you are from and you say you’re from the volta region, the expected responses most of the time are;

“You’re from the Volta region? Those people I fear them o”

” So you’ll send me to Nogokpo?”

“Are you from Nogokpo?”

“Do you know Nogokpo?”

” I heard you people are wicked oh”.

These and many more others.

Nogokpo is a peaceful community. Not one that promotes evil and atrocities.

Nogokpo, the name of the community has an esoteric meaning and ordinary meaning.

In the past when strangers want to reside in the community they were told and asked;

“This community has rules and regulations. People stay here peacefully. Will you stay here peacefully?”

Which translates in Ewe as; ” En) gè kpo a?”

This contributed to the name of the community.

The esoteric meaning of Nogokpo is the womb of the universe.

The deity is believed to be one that serves justice instantly, loves peace and does not encourage or condone evil practices.

The deity’s name is “Zakadza” the god of thunder, lightening and fire.

Also known as “kadza” or “Torhornor”.

In 1956, Dr Kwame Nkrumah visited the deity to seek assistance to help him attain independence for the country. A year later, that is 1957 he came back to the deity to appreciate it’s help and pledged to build a new temple which he did.

The Nogokpo deity is not one that supports evil and it’s practitioners live in accordance with it’s rules and regulations.

It is not everyone in the community that worships the deity either. There are churches and mosques in the community.

It is a very peaceful community. Just as the Christians believe there is a supreme God that can be accessed only through Jesus Christ, The Muslims believe that there is a Supreme God who can be accessed through Mohammed, Same way the worshippers of the Deity believe there is a supreme God who speaks through the deity who is his representative on Earth.

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