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Say yes to who you are. Say yes to your potential, your greatness and your dreams. Say yes to you.

If Mandela hadn’t said yes to himself, South Africa might still be under apartheid. If Obama hadn’t said yes to himself, the US might not have had its first black President yet. If Nkrumah hadn’t said yes himself, a lot of African countries might still be been under colonial rule. If Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t said yes to himself, the world might not be as connected as it is today. And If Thomas Eddison hadn’t said yes to himself, we might not have had a light bulb yet.

What are you holding from the world? What about you are you denying the world? Is it your dreams, ideas, creativity or your uniqueness?

The world would not benefit in any way from your playing small. You were created by a big God and placed in a big world. He placed you here with a big dream, a big vision and a big purpose.

Say yes to you. Say yes to your calling, your purpose, your dream. Even if everybody is saying no to you, say yes to your ‘self’. Even if it feels stupid or crazy to believe, say yes to you. Say yes to your greatness. The world is waiting to feel you and to see your light shine so bright. Wherever you are, with whatever you have, you can begin to live your yes.

So get up my friend. Stretch yourself and say yes to you. You are a River of Greatness and I see you nodding to that greatness. Let your river flow!

I wish you a great week.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay
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