Microsoft and LinkedIn are taking action to address the growing demand for AI skills in the workforce. With the launch of the AI Skills Initiative, Microsoft aims to provide people with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the power of artificial intelligence. While AI has the potential to improve life and work, it is crucial for individuals to learn how to use it properly and ethically.

As part of the AI Skills Initiative, LinkedIn has developed a new, free course that offers an introduction to artificial intelligence and explores the issues surrounding responsible AI. The course will be available in multiple languages in the coming months, in addition to the English version. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a professional certificate in generative AI, which can be displayed on their LinkedIn profile.

In addition to the free course, Microsoft also offers a free AI skills challenge and a trainer toolkit containing AI content for educators. The challenge utilizes Microsoft technology to teach essential AI skills. Microsoft has committed to making the coursework available for free until 2025.

The course titled “Career Essentials in Generative AI” consists of approximately four hours of instructional videos. The videos cover various topics, including an introduction to artificial intelligence, the process of generative artificial intelligence, the evolution of thoughtful online search with generative AI, streamlining work with Microsoft Bing Chat, and the ethical considerations of generative AI. To earn the professional certificate, participants must complete all the videos and pass an exam. Upon passing the exam, they can immediately access their certificate, add it to their LinkedIn profile, and share it with their network.

The AI Skills Initiative by Microsoft addresses the urgent need for AI skills identified by companies. According to the World Economic Forum, AI skills are among the top three priorities for company training programs. Research shows that 70% of people would like AI to handle more of their workload, but 49% are concerned that it may replace their current employment. The AI Skills Initiative aims to assist workers in gaining the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively utilize AI technologies.

Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs program has already benefited millions of people worldwide by helping them find new careers in in-demand professions such as cybersecurity. The next step for the AI Skills Initiative is to bring further innovation and partnerships to the forefront.

In conclusion, Microsoft and LinkedIn are addressing the growing demand for AI skills through the AI Skills Initiative. The initiative offers a free course that provides an introduction to artificial intelligence and explores responsible AI practices. Participants can earn a professional certificate in generative AI upon completion of the course. Microsoft’s commitment to making the coursework available for free until 2025 demonstrates their dedication to equipping workers with the necessary skills for the future workforce. With the AI Skills Initiative, individuals can gain the knowledge and experience needed to effectively utilize AI technologies and navigate the evolving job market.


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