Are you currently experiencing a plateau in your professional and personal life where you feel you’ve been at one place for too long and that you need to move to the next level?

Or are you considering a career switch to do something more challenging, more fulfilling or more rewarding to feed your inner self?

Is everyone praising you and telling you how you’re so good at your job but you don’t seem to feel any fulfillment in the same job?

Or do you find yourself being good and talented at doing many things but confused as to which of them is the main thing you should focus on?

Do people keep telling you that there’s more in you and that your potential is huge and yet you can’t seem to figure out what that more is?

Or are you so successful at what you currently do and you keep achieving every goal, climbing the corporate ladder and raking in a lot of money but you still feel there’s something more you should do to help others so you can live a life of significance instead of just success?

If you answer yes to any of these, then I’m here to help you through my upcoming 6-week advanced self discovery coaching program.

This program is carefully designed to help you seek deeper clarity of who you are and grant you the internal compass to navigate your world.

Don’t hesitate and don’t procrastinate. There won’t be another session anytime soon and the earlier you know yourself better, the better you’d live your life purposefully. You can’t live a self you don’t know.

Go to: to register

I’m looking forward to working with you.

In the meantime, Happy New Month. May this month of May bring us mighty accomplishment.

From your friend,
Bismark Tay

Bismark Tay is the CEO of Bismark Tay Leadership Solutions, which offers the following services: Corporate trainings on leadership, team building, employee performance improvement, customer service and personal growth. They also offer one-on-one or group coaching and consult on business improvements, idea development, problem solving, project development and education improvement. Reach him via +233 204 987592 or

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