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It’s okay to be scared of the weight of how successful you could be. It’s okay to feel the pressure of your mantle, your life purpose, your career or the next place God is taking you. It’s normal to be afraid of the unknown. It’s normal to doubt your capacity to carry next move.

But remember that you are capable, you are worthy and you are good enough. Sometimes, our most fear is not how we might fail, it is rather how successful we might be.

And so my friend, if you’re currently entertaining the fear of your success or your next big move, remember that it’s an honour to be used by God on a big scale. In your success others will find theirs. Don’t suppress how much more you could be. Don’t say no to your potential. Don’t run away from your next big move.

Count on the wisdom of your God.
Surround yourself with people who are equally on such journey. Learn from them and learn from life. Above all, keep closely connected to your God who called you to this journey.

In the end, it is not what you fear that’s most dangerous to you. What’s most dangerous to you is your fear of what you fear. So, don’t fear the fear. Fear your fear of the fear. Let go of it and flourish to your next level.

You are a River of Greatness. Don’t stop yourself from flowing. Keep flowing and nourishing all who depend on you for water.

I wish you a solemn Holy Week.

From you friend,

Bismark Tay

Bismark Tay is the CEO of Bismark Tay Leadership Solutions which offers the following services: Corporate trainings on leadership, team building, employee performance improvement, customer service and personal growth. They also offer one-on-one or group coaching and consult on business improvements, idea development, problem solving, project development and education improvement. Reach him via +233 204 987592 or

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