I am that kind of person, who, for whatsoever reason, find it very difficult to ‘flaunt’ my profile in people’s face. It’s even worse, if you are a lady after my own heart. Unlike how other guys will present suitably sugarcoated profile of themselves, I would rather keep my profile low and unenticing. On several occasions, I have seen people who acted so cold towards me few minutes or days earlier, return all nice and respectful. It has happened severally that anytime it happens, I only let out a knowing smile. Someone had told them about me – actually, someone had bragged about my little achievements to them.

Even at highly official events, the best introduction you might hear me give after you have given me your long profile is, “I’m Elorm, a writer.” I don’t have any special reason for this. It could be my personality. I’m naturally conservative. Maybe, I just prefer people to get to know me with time (Sadly, I never got a second chance with most of these people). Maybe, it just feels so sweet seeing people trying their best to make amends after they have undermined or fucked you off few moments earlier. Perhaps, I’m just a proud coward.

I have been called secretive on several occasions. Not that I am. But when friends get to see the results of the things I have been about without giving them a gist about it earlier, what better word fits me than, secretive?

One of the subject areas I decided to read on this year (2022) was personal branding. It was in this quest that I came across a book written by Emmanuel Woyome, a reputable career coach, brand expert and HR professional. The book discusses in simple but compelling language “How to Develop a Professional Identity as an Expert in Your Field of Work” and “The New Rule of Marketing Yourself for Employment and Business.”

Over the years, I have been a faithful disciple of the “work it out in secret and let your results make the noise,” and “empty barrels make the most noise” ideologies. However, paragraph after paragraph, page after page, and chapter after chapter, the book challenged and kept exposing how these two fundamental beliefs were responsible for my inability to be vocal about what I do and market what I can do, and the height of damage they have done me. In fact, Mr Woyome virtually looked me in the face and mocked, “Man, you’ve fucked up!” Well, I agreed with a grin. Charley, the book see my face paa. But yes, I fucked up!

Emmanuel Woyome

To me, this summarises the message the book is preaching: “Hey, you; I have seen how many ‘noise making empty barrels’ keep faking it until they get noticed and become elevated and relevant in their fields with time. Sadly, I have also seen several brilliant people (like you) who keep struggling to get noticed and push their ideas across because they choose to remain moderate and modest about telling their story. The world is very competitive and noisy. Your works alone cannot speak for you.

And oh, you may never get the platform to showcase your work if you don’t purposely put the spotlight on yourself and make the loudest noise about what you can do. The world is in a hurry to see. Nobody will give you an opportunity if they can’t hear your works. If you are not intentionally expressive about yourself in this competitive 21st century, the “empty barrels noise making” crowd will swallow your potentials up.”

The message was timely and relevant. Do I still believe in the “work in secret and let your results make the noise” ideology? Yes, but with a bit of twist: full barrels should learn to make the most noise and put the spotlight on themselves too.

As we prepare to welcome 2023, remember, the world is getting very competitive and until people know you as an expert in your field of work, you will not make any significant impact or progress in your career. If you are like me who find it difficult to market and brand yourself, this book is for you. From understanding the fundamentals of marketing to the power of career branding, the book will mentor you to become expressive and vocal about your works and expertise

Whatever career goals and professional ambitions you have, this book will teach you to carve a niche and build a brand for yourself as an expert. If you are student, this book will not only help you choose the right career path but it will prepare you for a very fulfiling and impactful one. If you are stuck in your career, it will liberate you and re-navigate you to a satisfying career path.

In case you are currently unemployed, this book shows you practical steps you can take to bid farewell to unemployment. From teaching you how to market yourself for employment to building a brand as an expert, this book has a message for everyone dreaming of reaching the peak of their careers.

To position yourself for a successful career or business, and to build a formidable brand in 2023 and beyond, the best manual is Emmanuel Woyome’s CAREER BRANDING: The New Rule of Marketing Yourself for Employment and Business. For copies of this book and career branding, HR consulting, career coaching, corporate and consulting services on career reach the author via on +233243851066 or e.woyome@gmail.com

Wishing you a prosperous and a fulfiling career in 2023!

By Elorm Hermann

I'm on a mission to disrupt mindsets and explore answers to questions others are afraid to even ask.

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