In a bid to streamline travel arrangements for Ghanaian visitors to China, the Chinese Embassy in Ghana inaugurated a China visa application centre in Accra on Thursday.

The centre, established in collaboration with the China Tourism Group Corporation Limited, is set to provide efficient and high-quality services for Ghanaian visa applicants. This move is anticipated to simplify the process and expedite the timely processing of visa applications for individuals travelling from Ghana to China.

His Excellency Lu Kun, the Chinese ambassador to Ghana, emphasized the centre’s significance as a response to the expected increase in Ghanaians expressing interest in visiting China. Mr. Lu noted that the establishment of the centre in Accra follows international practices and aims to offer more convenient, top-notch services to visa applicants.

Lu underscored the potential impact of the centre on bilateral relations between China and Ghana, envisioning it as a catalyst for fostering people-to-people exchanges and further enriching the connections between the two nations. He also highlighted the flourishing economic and trade exchanges, with China maintaining its status as Ghana’s principal trading partner.

Mavis Nkansah Boadu, Ghana’s deputy minister for foreign affairs and regional integration, expressed her warm welcome to the visa application centre. Boadu recognized the event as a significant milestone, reflecting the commitment of both nations to strengthen their bilateral ties.

Boadu emphasized that Ghana values the enhancement of its relations with China and is dedicated to promoting increased people-to-people interactions. 

She acknowledged that the establishment of the centre would not only facilitate tourism but also bolster business collaborations, academic partnerships, and cultural exchanges between China and Ghana.

Furthermore, Boadu unveiled Ghana’s reciprocal efforts to acknowledge the Chinese government’s commendable initiatives in implementing advanced visa application systems with enhanced security features. She revealed that Ghana is implementing a machine-readable visa hardware system to reinforce the security of its visa application process.

SOURCE: graphic online

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