Over the years, journalists have improved their investigative reporting skills through the Douglas Tweedale Memorial Fellowship. Some participants have focused on immigration, environment, science and technology or business reporting skills.

For the 2023 fellowship, ICFJ is pleased to continue the legacy of the program by offering training and support to Latin American journalists, focused on fact-checking and best practices for fighting disinformation. The fellowship will allow journalists in the region to enhance their skills and gain practical knowledge to apply within their own newsrooms.

About the ICFJ

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is a non-profit, professional organization located in Washington, D.C., United States, that promotes journalism worldwide. ICFJ builds the expertise and digital skills that journalists need to deliver trustworthy news essential for vibrant societies

Since 1984, the International Center for Journalists has worked directly with more than 70,000 journalists from 180 countries over 27 years.

About the Fellowship

The fellowship program runs every other year. This year, the program will kick off with a webinar on disinformation and fact-checking best practices. Webinar participants will then have the chance to apply for an in-person study tour and newsroom attachment in the United States for three weeks. Two fellows will be selected. 

Requirements for the Fellowship

This fellowship is designed for Latin American newsroom managers who are fluent in Spanish, and who are working at an independent news organization in the region.

On a case by case basis, Latin American journalists residing in Spain and working on Latin American issues will be considered.

Spanish journalists residing in Spain and working on Latin American issues may also be considered.  

To be considered, candidates should:

  • Having working proficiency in English.
  • Be managers working at independent news organizations in Latin America.
  • Have a demonstrated capacity for and/or interest in disinformation work within their current newsrooms.
  • Have a desire to develop strong professional skills and a self-starting attitude.

How to Apply

Applications for the virtual webinar are open until September 14, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST.

The link to apply can be found here.

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